Friday 24 October 2014

Facts about Halloween!

Are you wondering what Halloween is all about? I also wondered what is being celebrated and made some research on the topic. 

According to history, it is believed that Halloween originated from Ireland. 

Do you know what the traditional Halloween dish is? I like this part of the story!
A traditional Irish Halloween dinner comprises of boiled potatoes, cabbage and raw onions. Coins are cleaned, wrapped in baking paper and hidden in the potatoes. While eating, children who find these coins keep them. 
The barnbrack cake, a fruitcake that has a rag, ring and coin hidden within it, is served for dessert. It is believed that the rag represents a financial future, the ring impending romance and happiness, and the coin prosperity. Whoever finds the hidden treasure while eating will also find the respective faith. 

The legend of the Jack O'Lantern, which dates back to the 18th century, refers to the story of an Irish blacksmith called Jack who was denied entry to heaven because he conspired with the devil. He was condemned to wander the earth. His only light was a burning coal inside a hallowed turnip. People believed that placing a Jack O'Lantern on their windows during Halloween time will keep the damned soul of the wandering blacksmith away from them. When the Irish immigrants arrived in the US, they found out that there was not enough turnips to carry out this tradition so they decided to use pumpkins instead. 

This year, the Halloween date is the 31st of October which is on a Friday. In accordance with an ancient history, the official Halloween bank holiday is celebrated on the last Monday of October which is the 27th. Many cultural and sporting events are held in Dublin to commemorate this occasion. These events include, but not limited to the following: the Dublin marathon; theatre, arts and fashion festivals; music performances by Irish musicians or inspired by Ireland's history; celebrations of traditional and modern Irish food and drink; Halloween themed events. 

People dress up in scary costumes (ghost and goblin costumes) to confuse the spirits that wandered the earth on Halloween night, to avoid being taken away by them. 


  1. "Whoever finds the hidden treasure while eating will also find the respective faith." ... or a break a tooth! ;-)

    Interesting stuff about Jack O'Lantern, I didn't know the story behind it. Although, I have to say I'm not sure I get it perfectly clear how people at that time could hope keeping the damned soul away from their house by placing the exact replica of Jack's only beacon towards which, in my view, he would most certainly head straight! ^^

  2. I found the "myth" very interesting. It's weird that they had such a belief then, but it seemed to have worked for them. Maybe that is why the new generations still hold on to that traditional.


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