Thursday 13 November 2014

Make-up for different occasions?

Thinking of the different places we go to on daily basis (work, school, business, church, visits to close or distant relatives/friends, etc.), I wonder if make-up users apply the same layers of make-up for these different occasions. 

Looking good is good business but really, do you apply the whole package (that is, foundation, powder, blushes, mascara, eye/lip liner, lip stick, etc.) alike when going to visit a friend, work, school, church, etc.? Or do you use some items and leave the others, depending on the  occasion? 

For me, I do not really fancy applying the whole package whenever I am going out. I do select where to go full blast and where to go easy and simple. 

I know that some of you are always on track, that is, you make up heavily for every occasion. Well, keep it up if you can! If you are not confident in this area, you might want to seek professional help for any big occasion. 
I do not spend the same length of time in front of a mirror making up for work as I do for church or parties.

There are no set out rules on how and when to apply make-up and answers to the questions above depend entirely on the people involved. 

Remember that some people do not use make-up at all and still look great. 

Do not be surprised that you might also look great without it!

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