Sunday 8 February 2015

Review: JML Clear Worktop Halogen Oven

I love using halogen ovens.

I have been using the JML halogen oven for almost a year. I use it mainly for grilling and baking.

I use this halogen oven to grill chicken, beef, potatoes, plantain, fish, chips, etc. The cooking time is faster than the traditional oven and the grilled food item turns out very crispy.

The different accessories included in the package are very handy because you use each one depending on what you want to cook. The extended ring allows you to add more food stuff.

If you are very conscious of the quantity of animal fat you consume, for example, you will see the extra fat melting and draining away when you are grilling chicken.

Cake baked with the halogen oven taste different from the one baked in the traditional oven.

I find this halogen oven very economical and recommend that you buy and use it.

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