Sunday 12 April 2015

Looking for a perfect partner?

Whenever we watch movies, we see #relationships and life style being portrayed as being perfect. But in reality, is anything #perfect?

People, especially young adults, get easily carried away and deceived by this assumption that life is perfect. They watch movies of #perfect relationships and try to put into practise what they have seen. Most of the time, they make real life decisions based on what the actors/actresses would do when similar things happen in films. This decision relates, most especially, to when things do not go as "perfect" as expected.

A relationship is one complicated situation that requires great wisdom on the part of the people involved in order to take better decisions. All parties involved should bear in mind that nobody is perfect, so partners should not necessarily be judged based on any laid down rules/assumptions. There are times when certain behaviours and attitudes should be ignored, you know. Of course, different cultures and beliefs do play very important roles in relationships.

I am always curious to know what partners expect from each other. I asked different people and read articles and comments on the web and below is a summary of my finding.

As a man, what do you expect of her?

People are different so the expectations of every man differ in various ways.
  • Among every other specific things different men desire, every man would like to date or marry a woman who is honest in communicating with him; a woman who is not too critical of the things they do.
  • A man would not want a woman who will manipulate him in any way or who will always apportion blame to him when things go wrong.
  • Men desire fidelity in women; someone who will be truly committed in their relationships.
  • A man would like a woman who desires to be with him and who knows how to treat a man.

What does a woman desire in a man?

Just like men, women's expectations differ in so many ways. Below are some things that the majority of women might desire.
  • Women want their men to be present with them. That is, they desire their uncompromised attention on them. They desire their men to be aware of them and be connected with them in the "right now".
  • A woman wants a man to praise her beauty. She likes to be admired and told that she is beautiful. When a man does that, the woman feels that he sees only her.
  • She wants a man to act like The Man. That is, act with integrity in all that he does not being egoistic, arrogant or displaying a "macho" attitude.
  • A woman wants an understanding from her man. She wants her man to know her inside out so that she does not feel the need to be explaining herself all the time.
  • Women want to be cared for. They need to know that they matter to their men.
  • A woman wants a man who is strong both mentally and physically. No woman wants a physical weakling.
  • A woman desires a man who has compassion; a man who is capable of loving not only her but all living things.
  • A woman desires a man who can give her financial and literal security.
  • Women desire blind loyalty from their men. They want to feel unique, special and be the "only women" their men have eyes for. They want their men to see the world in them.
  • A woman wants to be the most important part of her man. She wants a man who is honest; a man who does not lie to her about important things. 
  • A woman wants a man who takes the initiative. That is, a man who makes all necessary arrangements for things like dinner outing, travel, etc. and makes sure that everything goes as planned.
  • The list goes on and on and on......

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