Tuesday 5 May 2015

Engaged and making wedding plans?

Has he proposed? Have you started making your #wedding #plans?

The excitement and reality of being engaged is great! Some ladies would feel like jumping on top of the roof to shout and inform the whole world about the good news :-)

After this initial excitement, toast and celebration, the next thing on the agenda will be to draw the wedding plan.

Bear in mind that planning a wedding is not easy. In addition to booking venues for the ceremony & reception and making proper arrangements for the bride, bridegroom & guests, there are still other major and minor things related to the wedding that have to be taken care of either before, during or after the wedding. The task of planning a perfect wedding is overwhelming. As a result, it is relevant to have some people assigned to handle specific tasks. Depending on one's preference and the circle of friends, there might be need to hire professional event planners or simply have different committee of friends charged with the respective tasks.

The bride, following the advice and support of family members and close friends will have to take care of her personal needs like the outfit (wedding / evening dresses), make-up kit / style, shoes, hair style, jewellery, etc.. Under normal circumstances, the bridegroom is not supposed to be part of this plan.

Just like the bride, the bridegroom selects his outfit and that of his best man. He makes all necessary arrangements to ensure that he has all he needs.

Oh, some of the many other little things to think about are the marriage courses/lessons, liaising with the church to ensure that the activities of the day are well planned, designing and printing of invitation cards, buying of the wedding rings, making a list of those to be invited (making sure that important people are not left out), deciding on who and who will make up the bridal train, decoration of the reception venue (the decoration colour usually depends on preferences and/or highlights on the bridal train outfit), the hen party, etc.

When booking the day of the your wedding, it is very important to take into consideration the fact that enough time is needed for proper planning. You will surely get ideas and support from your loved ones. There are also so many websites, magazines and free wedding catalogues that might give you ideas!

Wishing you all the best!

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