Monday 7 July 2014

Can’t blog? Why not?

There are great bloggers out there: recognized or not; gifted or not; talented or not, you just name it. There are still others who, even though they are great bloggers, do not engage themselves in any form of publication. 

Recently after discussing with a friend of mine, I wondered what makes the latter group of people inactive. 

I think that it could simply be an act of "procrastination". I, for one, am the type of person who simply postpones writing up a piece of work for no good reason. I keep telling myself that I'll do it but never come around to doing it. 

Other reasons may be lack of "Topics" to write about and "Time" to think about them.

Talking about “Time”, I’m always engaged in one thing or another but blogging. Usually, I'm out and about during the day and back at home in the evening to attend to personal matters and domestic chores and, of course, hang out with friends sometimes. Weekends are packed with social activities and other family matters.

In as much as we say that we do not have time to blog, we still find time to check our emails or go on Facebook and other social media where we spend so much time.

We can always find Topics to write about in between our daily activities. We can always draw inspiration from what we see or feel when we are on our way to work (either while driving and listening to the radio or while sitting in the train/bus looking out through the window, or even while reading the morning newspaper).

During lunch time, one can reminisce about what happened the previous day while munching on one's lunch (maybe how the lunch was prepared?). Ideas might drop in while taking a quick walk for fresh air (anything interesting that happened when you went shopping the other day, etc.?). In the evening, one can also get inspiration on the way back from work, when cooking or just before going to bed.

Thoughts noted down during these times will always turn out to big great pieces of work that can be shared with others. I sometimes note down thoughts as they go through my mind, but it’ll be a valuable habit and pays off to ALWAYS pen them down as they come through. 

Big challenges here though are editing and summarizing these thoughts and making final checks before publishing. The best practice will be to complete the last tasks in one sitting. 

You know how it works best for you.  

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