Thursday 17 July 2014

Shades of Comfort

Comfort is very important in life - be it spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical. They are all interrelated. When denied of any form of comfort at any given time, one might not know the value until one gets it back. 

There are many reasons why one might be uncomfortable at a given point in time.

Some of them could be:
  1. Out of ignorance of what one needs at that point in time. Sometimes, people are not aware of what they deserve to have.
  2. Fear of losing out on something else one already has. In many cases where people know what they want, there might be other things they fear will be unavailable as a result of making changes. They therefore prefer to leave things the way they are.
  3. No time or interest in going an extra mile to make a change where necessary. In other not to disrupt their daily activities, some people do not bother with anything that will take their time. 
I'd say that it pays to make ourselves comfortable wherever we are.

I remember when I lodged into a hotel some time ago and discovered that the window blinds was not closing properly. The room was facing a beer garden where hotel guests gathered to relax and the window was directly opposite the sitting area. That is, people outside could see everything going in the room at night.

Two things came to my mind:
  1. I was going to spend just few days;
  2. I wouldn't have the time to go and queue at the reception to request for a change as it was already too late and I was to go out early in the morning the next day. Moreover, I'll still have to repack up my stuff for transfer into another room.
To be honest, I was too tired to start complaining and asking for a change. 

Then I thought, even though I was going to stay for a couple of days and it'd be great to leave very early the following morning, it was still okay to leave a little bit late. The next morning I requested that the room be changed. After checking and consultation, the request was granted and my luggage was moved to the new room on another floor. 

Upon my return in the evening, I had my comfort. The window blinds in the room closed properly and I enjoyed the privacy of my room.

I know that you've had your own experience. 

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