Monday 11 August 2014

Alarm clock! Are you a "morning" person?

We all wake up with an alarm clock at different times of the day depending on our daily activities and schedules. 

The way you feel in the morning when the alarm rings determines if you are a "morning" person or not:

  • Do you hear the alarm ring at all?
  • Do you feel like throwing the alarm clock away?
  • Do you yawn, stretch and press the snooze button as many times as possible?
  • Do you get up, say your prayers and jump out of the bed?

In my opinion, the one thing (though not a guarantee) that can help people wake up "happy" in the morning, is going to bed early in order to have enough sleep.

However, there are some people who go to bed early but still find it difficult to wake up early. 
The "morning" people can go to bed late and wake up early feeling good. For me, it seems like a tradition to go to bed late and wake up early.

During the summertime, I love watching the sunrise that early in the morning – it is such an amazing view!
If you are not a "morning" person but inspired by nature, maybe you might want to have a glimpse of the sunrise? 
Get the inspiration and feel happy when you wake up!

Using the alarm clock
There are chances that you might wake up before the alarm starts ringing, but believe it or not, you will definitely wake up late on the day that the alarm is not set. Many a time, one wakes up early without any alarm on the day one is not working, thanks to the internal alarm system in the subconscious. 

Talking about those of us who start off very early in the morning on daily basis, it is very important to ensure that the alarm is set properly to avoid the possibility of waking up very late. This might not be applicable to every one though, but I always check my bedside clock several times before going to bed because I know for sure that I will end up waking up late without it.  

I remember one day that I forgot to set the alarm. When I woke up in the morning, I felt extraordinarily good and very relaxed. I thought to myself that it was unusual for me to feel that way in the morning during the week. On checking the time, I found out that I was almost 1 hour behind schedule. By the time I jumped off the bed, said my prayers, got ready and rushed out of the house, I could not meet up with my normal travel schedule. 

Could you have been any quicker? 


  1. How do I define myself? Well I'll say I'm adaptable. Yes, that's d right word. I rarely use an alarm to wake self but I do use it for remindal like birthdays, meetings etc. Wake up alarm I've come to realise don't wake me up as planned cos I sleep through it.! Thus I don't use it. Instead I let nature wake me up cos time and upbringing have embedded an inner alarm in me. So I'm used to having an early start.
    I go to bed early and I wake up early, refreshed. But sometimes, being human makes me so lazy that I don't want to lift a finger!
    Anyways, some depend on alarms while some don't. Its all about personal preference. Some have their kids/family schedule as alarm. Some have environmental sounds as alarm that comes on at a specific time e.g. like the Muslim morning call at 5am prompt in my area.
    If one happens to be late for a meeting or an event due to not waking up on time, meeting up with time that is left before one is late is influenced so much by distance, assistance at home and nature of the meeting.
    So fellow bloggers, let every tick tock resound in your psych. Snoozing only postpones the inevitable.

  2. You are right, every individual has his/her unique way of getting things done on time. So the best bet is to use the best means available.

  3. Am more of a night person because I mostly stay up till past midnight. Feels like am tuned to an internal alarm clock that tends to stir me up most times after about 6 hours of sleep,yet there are odd times I simply sleep beyond the 6 hours till the alarm rings. Am very reluctant to get up from bed within the first 5 minutes...snooze...snooze.. then I just have to be up for the day.

  4. I must say that nature has really organised you in this regard.


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