Wednesday 6 August 2014

Comfortable shoes? What is wrong with the toes?

 Comfortable shoes are always recommended for every occasion: home and away. Every outing (be it going to work or parties, engaging in sports or every day knock-about) has specific type of shoes that keeps one comfortable. 

In my opinion, defining a pair of shoes as "comfortable" depends greatly on the person wearing it; this varies from one individual to another. Do not be surprised that, when people wearing the same size of shoes sample and try the same pair, some might find it uncomfortable. 

I wonder: does it have to do with our skin types, the material used to manufacture the shoes or company (brand) size specifications? 

 Talking specifically about ladies, there is no category of dressing shoes (silhouettes, wedges, pumps, you name them, flat or high heeled) that one can say guarantees comfort for everybody alike. You notice that the one pair of shoes someone jumps around with might be a nightmare for another person. One lady might be running on high heels without any pain while another lady will never try it. 

For me, I usually find it very difficult to get comfortable shoes to wear. I keep wondering if the problem lies with my toes or pairs of shoes. At first, I thought that my feet were getting bigger. On one occasion, I bought a bigger size of shoes which never helped rather ended up slipping off when I walked. 
 Now to be on the safe side when going to events, I always carry my slippers or sandals along with me to use in times of emergency.

I've received recommendations from friends to try different brands which I am seriously exploring. 

Do you have any recommendation? 


  1. Shoes define a person they say.
    Some go for flat pairs of shoes or high heels and feel comfortable in it. Some say high heels makes one to have a swagging or catwalk steps but some end up walking like a duck. And u can't help but feel sorry for them.! And it makes u wonder how come they choose to punish themselves with such an uncomfortable shoes. In defense, some will tell u that they bought d shoe cos of d color, price or to make a point/statement.
    Personally, I go for what makes ME comfortable and I've found such comfort in wedge shoes that are not super high; it balances me.
    So I say, go for what makes u comfortable Nikki.

  2. My problem is that even when the shoe is comfortable, the toes keep hurting. I need to find shoes that can guarantee me comfort overall (including the toes)...still searching...


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