Thursday 28 August 2014

Summer time, barbecue in style!

The summer time is almost coming to an end! 

One of the greatest activities people engage in during this time is going on picnics. 

There are designated places where people from different cultures can gather together and have fun. Organisations as well as individual families go out en masse to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

During this outing, people decide and engage in different activities that give them joy. For example, the kids can play in the playground while the adults can organise some games for themselves. 

Another interesting part of this outing is, of course, the food; there are always varieties to choose from. Naturally, the most common food here is barbecue (with sausages, marinated chicken, fish, beef… you name it). My observation is that men are always happy to take charge of this type of cooking. 

I always assume that the size of the barbecue grill used in this occasion will depend on the number of people involved. Maybe there are preferences...

Talk about making choices, there was this group of people I saw on one occasion we went out on a picnic using a small grill even though they were many in number. 

I wondered: 
Did they go to the shop to buy this small size knowing that they were many in number? 
Did they have other sizes and decided to use that particular small one for the fun of it? 
Did they use that small one because it was the only one available and they didn't bother to make another purchase?

Irrespective of what I was thinking, though, they seemed to have had a great time. 

No matter the style or size of a barbecue grill, the most important thing is for one to enjoy oneself!

Do you have any experience? 

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