Friday 29 August 2014

Dressing up using different mirrors? Do you always look the same?

In every home, it is common to have two or more mirrors (normal and/or magnifying ones) located in different areas for quick checks, especially before going out. 

The main users of these mirrors are ladies. In addition to having different sizes in the bathroom, bedroom, hall way, sitting room and even in the kitchens, they still have small ones in their hand bags. 

Every mirror has a specific way of reflecting the face and figure. You will notice that the way you see yourself in one mirror might not be the same in another one. 

I noticed this myself and decided to use a particular mirror when getting ready to go out. Before taking this decision, I realised that I always looked different when I used the mirror in the bedroom to make up and viewed myself in any other one in the house. My face will either be smoother or rougher than what I saw when I was making up :-) 

The same thing happens with clothes: the physical appearance might change to either good or bad (elegant vs dwarfed physique, etc.)…

Do you notice this difference?

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