Tuesday 23 September 2014

Morning Blues! How do you handle this?

Are you wondering what "morning blues" means?
You must have felt it every now and again without realising it. 

It is this feeling (not in the mood…) that you have in the morning when you get ready to start the day, most especially after a short or long break. 

Monday is the most common day of the week that people have morning blues when returning to their daily routines after the weekend.  

During the weekend we always have a lot to do (domestic chores, shopping, fun activities like family outings, late night parties etc.). After this short and nice break from the hustle and bustle of life, some people find it difficult to immediately switch back to the work/school mode. It takes some time for the body and soul to adjust again!

The same feeling applies when returning from holidays which could be on any other day of the week. This may or may not be too difficult (depending on how long one has been away and where one spent the days off) as one might have had enough of the break and looked forward to going back. 

Some people might say that it is not a big deal going back to their daily routines after a break while others might maintain that they always feel happy, energetic and motivated. The point, though, (if you search your mind) is not if you return to your daily routine or not, but how you actually feel that morning you are returning. 
For me, I feel like staying longer in bed. But my body gradually starts to adjust after I have taken my shower and, eventually, my breakfast.

Some people must take coffee or tea after waking up before they can do anything. 

Do you normally remember to sort out the clothes you will wear the previous day? 
Sometimes I do forget and end up searching and rushing to dress up. 

Are you always up to date with your schedule for the day?
I make it a point to have a "to do" list done on Friday. I check the list on Monday morning. 

How else do you deal with this situation?

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