Wednesday 17 September 2014

Best ways of establishing credibility in what we do!

The way people are evaluated depends greatly on what they say and do. We know more about people when we deal directly with them. 

Gaining people's confidence is very vital, especially in business. 

In my opinion, one of the ways of gaining credibility, that is, trust and confidence in business is by being truthful and honest. Every business man or woman has to learn to keep to his or her words at all times. If for any genuine reason(s) one cannot fulfil one's obligations, courtesy demands that all parties involved should be notified. 

Another way of gaining trust is by being transparent in dealing with others. For example, do not allow your business partner to find out any information, which you should have revealed, from another source. Hiding information when dealing with others will make them lose confidence in you. 

The other very important factor is being punctual. Some people might say that this is not a problem, but business cannot be delayed and one does not waste another person’s time unnecessarily. It is advisable that one keeps to appointment times and informs all parties involved if running late.  

In every successful business relationship, all parties must be reachable at all times either by phone or via email. Bear in mind that if you do not pick your calls, return missed calls or respond to emails, people will not bother to deal with you. 

What else can you think of?

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