Tuesday 30 September 2014

Sales Sales Sales! When do we actually get a good bargain?

The "Sales" madness takes place from time to time throughout the year. 

While some shops have specific times of the year they make offers, others make announcements a day or two before any planned sale. There are other shops that are very sporadic in making offers, they do not announce these as such but constantly reduce prices. There are also those that have the "Sales" sign displayed permanently throughout the year. 

For example:
NEXT has "Big Sales" scheduled every year.
M&S also has "Big Sales" and intermediary ones which may or may not be announced. 

Fashion shops, among others, sell off stock at the end of every season, apparently, to make space for new stock for the coming season. When closing down or expecting huge supply, some shops also make offers to reduce stock. 

Overall, offers can vary from half price to buy 1 get 1 free, buy 1 get 1 half price, buy 3 at the price of 2, 20%-70% reduction, etc. 

While the offers look very genuine and attractive, does one really have time to compare prices before and during the Sale period to know the saving? Definitely not! Maybe by chance! 

At the shops or online, I keep checking and evaluating to find out if there is an actual reduction for every individual item, which is difficult to determine. 

For those shops that have permanent "Sales" signs outside or boldly inscribed on the door. Three things come to my mind: they are lying about the offer, only trying to lure customers to buy or their goods are not good enough. For me, this does not give a good impression. With that sign constantly there, I believe that they can only attract people new in the respective areas. 

What is your opinion and experience?

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