Saturday 4 October 2014

Autumn is here! Getting ready for the change?

With the cold weather gradually creeping in, we find ourselves again in that well-known adaptation phase. That is, change of weather and the dilemma of what to wear. 

Even though this season comes annually, it is still difficult to cope with, especially at the very beginning. 

Talking about clothing ladies, we still try to wear summer clothes even when it gets colder day by day. Of course, we do not want to give up wearing light clothes if we can. We also dread the task of packing our summer clothes and bringing out warmer ones ! :-)

Deciding on the right pair of shoes, sandals or slippers to wear at this time is also very tricky. One has to decide if one wants to go out with or without tights/light stockings, muffler/scarf, or even light hand gloves. What about the sun glasses?

The weather is usually very cold in the morning, gets warmer during the day and cold again at night; it could be different sometimes. If you leave the house very early in the morning, you have to use your good judgement to select what to wear because you might end up dressing up too warm for the day. 

Decide also on the type of jacket (light or heavy) to wear!

Have you started adapting?

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