Sunday 19 October 2014

Better shopping online or in the shop?

With the evolution of technology and internet, some people now prefer online shopping to the traditional way of going to the shop to buy things.

While some people shop online for convenience sake, others are just keen to try out the evolving technology. Personally, I enjoy the convenience of shopping online and do avail of this option where necessary (let us say, when I have no other option). But to be honest, I prefer to go to the shop, and I do go whenever I can. 

There are lots of good things I like when buying personally in the shop. One can see the quality of what one wants to buy, test it and have person contact with the sales personal if required. For grocery, I can see, touch and compare items. I can check the "use by" dates and select the exact product I want. When buying shoes and clothes, I always like to try them to ensure that they fit properly. As you know, different designs of the same size do not always fit. The shoes might be too tight, the clothes too small or too big.

I am reluctant to buy online because there is no way of seeing and feeling the quality of items you want to buy and no sales personal to ask questions.

When buying grocery, you can indicate your choice when placing an order but there is no absolute guarantee that the requested item will be delivered because the shop will supply a different product if the requested brand is out of stock.

For clothes and shoes, there is no possibility of trying what you want to buy. You buy on the assumption that the selected design will fit and there is the risk of returning some items.

What is your preference and why?


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