Wednesday 15 October 2014

Last day before vacation! How organised are you?

Whether at work or at home, I find the last day before vacation always very hectic.

At work, it is all about cleaning up the inbox, following up on pending and new requests, handing over tasks to a back-up colleague, etc.

Prior to travelling, one has to do some ironing, packing of baggage, tiding up, making sure that all necessary arrangements have been made ... to name but few things. 

Also depending on the destination, big or small shopping has to be made. 

I always try to organise things well in advance before travelling, but there are always last minute thoughts and arrangements. 

The expectation and joy of having a break for a while alleviates the stress of the day, though. 

How organised are you, usually?


  1. That's me typically parking till 12 midnight, checking and rechecking, putting in and taking away... and guess what even after all that I still find myself thinking about 1 or 2 things I may have forgotten while on the plane!

    1. You are right...the check list is never ending!


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