Saturday 4 October 2014

The "Golden" October!

In October, the trees start reacting to the change of weather. That is, the leaves start drying up, turning yellow or golden then brown and falling off the trees. This is another characteristics of autumn.

You see the road littered with these dead brown leaves. 

The local councils or community services usually engage more manpower to ensure that the roads are particularly kept clean this time of the year.

Each household also caters for the cleanliness of the respective neighbourhood. 

As a result of this natural change that occurs this month and the golden colour of the leaves still on trees, the month is popularly known as the "Golden" October. 

I love this time of the season!

What about you?


  1. Its still raining cats and dogs over here as at time of this comment and all i see are the "green leaves, trees growing healthily and floody areas. The only good thing is that weather is cool.
    Dry season i dread, the sun is hot and scorching. I sweat buckets but thks to AC and roll on.....i survive it.
    Glad i got no leaves to clear where i leave, i would have cried blue murder.
    Have a nice day people!

  2. Is it not amazing the way nature has it that we experience different weather conditions at different corners of the globe?
    Well, enjoy the cool weather and cleaner environment!


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