Wednesday 15 October 2014

Make-up! Are you obsessed?

So many questions border around making up. Some of these questions could be, for example: When you wake up, do you make up first before doing any other thing? Can you go out any time of the day without make-up? These questions will definitely have different answers from women of different age groups. 

No matter the different opinions though, one thing I will say is that make-up boosts one's confidence.

Personally, I like making up but I will say that I am not so crazy about it. I can go to some places without applying make-up. 

Some women go about their daily businesses without worrying about make-up; others must make up as a daily routine. From my observation, two categories of women fall under the latter group: there are those who make up at home and those who carry their make-up kit along with them. Those who carry their make-up kits with them make up on their way (in the trains, buses, while driving or being driven) or when they reach their destination (school or place of work). One might say that the reason why they carry their kits along is because they do not have enough time to make up before leaving the house. It could also be preferential if they like to make up and show off in public (this might be a habit!). 
For me, I prefer making up at home. 

It amuses me (not all the time though) to watch those women who make up in public. 
I was surprised one day when I saw a lady making up while driving which I thought was an extreme case. 

What is your opinion?

Which group do you belong to? 


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