Friday 21 November 2014

Healthy eating options! Do you have a diet plan?

We read a lot about the advantages of eating healthy diets. A strict diet plan includes a long list of "DOs" and "DO NOTs". Sometimes, the effort needed to keep track of healthy eating options (for example, what to eat or avoid; what to eat more, little or in moderation, etc.) is unimaginable.

I do not know about you but I find these instructions and suggestions very exhausting. Another thing that might be very tiring is checking to ensure that the right quantity of food is consumed at all times; one has to count or weight almost everything. Of course, we do not have to overfeed, but our daily consumption must be right if we want things to work. 
One might think that one is eating right but the quantity might just be too much!

The question is: how can a specific diet plan be made more effective?
A strict plan can be a problem for someone with certain health issues that warrant eating one thing and not the other. 
There is no excuse for those who give in to their craving for junk food, though. 

I will say that the answer to the question above depends on the person involved. There are some strict diet plans that have proved to be very effective. For example, one of my friends commended the Atkins diet plan to me. She went on and on to explain how it helped her to shed off fat (many kilos) but warned that the plan has to be strictly followed for it to work.
I believe that there are others out there that I do not know. 

There is a saying that "what you eat defines you". For me, I make an effort to eat the right food, not really following a strict diet plan which I must confess is sometimes an issue for me. I chose what I eat and try to make right choices. I eat in moderation; one can only eat a certain quantity of food in a day, of course.

There are so many distractions if you want to eat right, for example, eating out with friends, giving oneself a "treat" (in excess!), being too lazy to prepare the right dishes at all times...the list goes on and on and on...

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