Thursday 27 November 2014

Managing your Household chores!

How do you manage your household chores? Whether you are married with or without kids, a single parent, spinster or bachelor, there is always need to manage chores in every household. 

As a bachelor or spinster, managing household activities seems to be somewhat straight forward. The lazy ones wash their dishes when they have time or feel like. They have the liberty of washing their clothes and leaving them hanging on the hanger until when they need them or they can fold the clothes away and iron them later. But I bet that they will always be active and tidy up when expecting visitors :-). 
Not everybody is this lazy. Some spinsters and bachelors like tidying and cleaning up as they go, leaving everything squeaky clean. 

Division of labour comes in when two adults are involved. Depending on the individuals involved and their attitudes towards household chores, there might be little or no grudges. 

Partners without kids can easily share the chores among themselves or leave the respective tasks open to be completed by any one of them disposed at any point in time. 

For couples with children, it is always good to have the kids involved one way or another in keeping the house clean. Depending on their ages, the kids might be involved in washing up, cleaning/dusting, vacuum cleaning, etc.
It is true that some parents might want their children to enjoy life by giving them no tasks at home, but such parents should beware not to spoil their kids and make them public nuisance. 

The same idea of having kids involved in doing household chores applies to single parents as well, with the exception of those who do not want their kids to do anything. 

For me, I always believe in having every member of the family perform one task or another. It creates unity and gives everyone a sense of belonging. Working together encourages this  intimacy and closeness that keeps a family together.  

It does not matter how we share and manage the chores (who does what and when it is done), the main goal should be to keep the house clean and functional, with everybody having a part to play. 

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