Wednesday 24 December 2014

All set for Christmas? Do you know why?

The Christmas day is here again! This is the day Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the time for giving and receiving (presents and kindness in different forms); a time people rejoice in the good things of life.

The efforts involved in preparing for the Christmas celebration is really huge. 

On a general level, one thinks about presents / cards to buy for loved ones. One also thinks about decorations (the Christmas tree & accessories, etc.) to buy for the home. The women (and some men) will think about special meals to prepare (for example, turkey and ham, rice, cake, chin-chin, etc.). 

On a personal level, ladies (especially) will think about things to buy for the family members and themselves (clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc.). That does not mean that men and kids do not buy gifts.

Do you make your secret wish and think about the likely gifts you might receive from your loved ones? I do :-)

As you celebrate, always remember one thing: It is not just about being merry, drinking & eating too much (and everything), and receiving presents. It is all about being reconnected to God and His love for mankind. It is a time to reflect on God's purpose for sending His only begotten Son to this world - for the salvation of mankind. A time meant for believing & trusting God, and forgiving others. 

As you celebrate during this festive period, do take care not to exceed any expected limits... 

I wish you all merry Christmas! I hope that your days be merry and bright always!!

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