Thursday 18 December 2014

Motivated to exercise?

You want to loose weight and remain healthy. No problem, but are you interested in exercising? It is true that exercise alone does not do the whole job of shedding all extra kilos / fat, but it goes a long way to help. In addition, it keeps you fit. 

People always give many reasons to justify their decisions not to exercise at any point in time. I will say that I am a witness to that because I once had so many reasons.

At the initial stage when people start, some of the reasons could be related to time - there is never any time to exercise. We always have things to do. If you are determined to keep fit by exercising, you will definitely be able to plan your daily activities well and have few hours to spare. 

After a couple of weeks, other challenges do crop up. The major challenge at this stage will be trying to overcome the initial nasty pain (in the ribs, knee joints, thighs, back, etc.) associated with an exercise. One starts being lazy and reluctant to go out, finding every reason not to. It needs determination, great will-power and strength to carry on.You notice that once you are able to drag yourself out, you will feel lighter and be glad when you return. 

Once you are able to get through these two main stages successfully, you will hardly let a day go by without exercising, even if it is just for few minutes.

I dealt with these issues at one time and was able to overcome the challenge! You can do it!!

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