Tuesday 22 July 2014

Can we live and let live?

Being mindful and considerate of people around us is very vital and the key to a happy coexistence in our communities. 

Many a times, people do not care about others due to the selfish nature of mankind. People are so engulfed in their own little bubbles that they forget that others exist.

The act of selfishness is displayed in every aspect of life. As a regular commuter passenger to and from work, I see examples of this almost every day. Some people get left behind in the bus and train stations, not because of being late but because there seems to be no room in the buses or trains when they arrive at the stations.

People always cluster the entrance to these transportation means even when there are still seats and space inside. It's understandable that some people prefer to stand because they sit almost all day at work. Fair enough, but just step aside for others to pass by!

The nonchalant passenger is the one who enters the bus or train and stands close to the entrance without caring to move inside or step aside for those coming in behind.

For those coming in afterwards, it takes someone who is considerate to ask the person blocking the entrance to make way. But this does not normally happen.

The next person coming in will likely stand behind thinking that there's no space inside and the queue starts from there.

In trains, it is difficult for the driver to monitor and control people coming in. In buses, on the other hand, the driver who is considerate can monitor and ensure that people occupy seats and move inside as they come in. In some cases, an assistant might be available, depending on the continent/country/region. 

I had a negative experience some time in the past when I was going to work. One cold winter morning, I was running for the bus only for the driver to drive off as I was arriving. The entrance was filled to the brim with people. But as the bus pulled out, I noticed that the whole centre and back areas were empty.

 It was a very painful experience - I didn't know if I should blame the passengers for blocking the entrance or the driver for not checking and ensuring that all spaces were occupied before pulling out knowing that it was rush hour in the morning and the weather was very cold, or both. 

If we all care about other people and are mindful of others in everything we do, we'll be able to avoid indirectly causing unnecessary pain to others. 

How can we ensure adequate consideration at all times?

Do you have any experience (positive or negative) you'll like to share?

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