Friday 25 July 2014

Magic candles! Don't miss the fun!!


Birthday cakes, well decorated with cream or sugar icing and candles always look delicious and appetising. Usually, candles are used to indicate the age of the celebrant (mainly children). They can also be used as a sort of decoration or "age decoding" for adults.

It has always been the norm "to sing, watch, clap and cheer as celebrants blow out candles before cutting cakes. 

My interest in this part of the celebration was greatly aroused when one of my friends used the so-called "magic candles" on my birthday cake some time ago. As the name implies, it's magical especially if you are involved for the first time. To be honest, I was not aware that this type of candle exists until that day.

With the well decorated cake set on the table and guests waiting, I was called to come and blow out my candles. Leisurely and gracefully, I made a great effort to blow out the candles in one swoop. It seemed like they went out but came back again before I knew it.

The guests cheered and urged me to complete the task. Like joke, I was standing there blowing away while my guests were roaring with laughter. 

At first, I felt embarrassed that I could not blow out "common" candles. And then I thought "seriously, what’s really going on with these candles?”
As I was blowing with all seriousness, I noticed that my guests were enjoying the scenario. It was then that I realised that something was fishy (not really my fault) and that it was a complete set-up. 

I must say that trying (unsuccessfully) to blow out the candles was fun, but not at the initial stage when I was unaware of the characteristics of the candles though. 

After this occasion, I developed great interest in using the candles and watching others blow away in surprise. I used them on one of my partner's and god son's birthday parties, and even on a baby shower party. It was hilarious!
What I find really funny is the expression on the celebrants' faces :-)

Have you used them before?

If not, I recommend that you use them when next you organise a birthday party or anything similar. 


  1. Magic candle...sounds exciting! Glad thry all had fun at your expense but hey, laughter heals and life is too short to go wallowing in sorrow or self pity.
    I have never seen, use or lit a magic candle for anyone. Aside from our regular miniature colorful ones that is used to show case how grown up one's child is by placing a number of them based on d age being celebrated and a single one placed at d center of a cake to mask the age of an adult....yeah.! Who won gree say them don dey old. Thank God for the magical hands of a plastic surgeon and viola, man pikin go turn youngy again joor.
    Me sef, e don tey I cut cake but I dey chop am no go call me bush girl.
    Bottom line is; have fun and try as well to make some one's life magical as well. A touch, a smile, phone calls and chat can turn a gloomy day to a bloomy day for your friends and family.

  2. For me, the most important thing in life is to lighten people's mood. We can only live once so it's better to enjoy it as much as we can.


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