Monday 8 September 2014

Bouncy castles: what a joy for people of all ages!

Children of all ages love playing in bouncy castles. Children are always excited about parties (birthday, first holy communion, confirmation, etc.); very much so when there is a bouncy castle. 
There are different sizes for different age groups. Due to the nature of these bouncy castles, it is advisable to have kids of the same age bounce together because the younger ones might get hurt while they are playing. Usually, the age of the celebrant determines the size to be mounted. 
In parties where there are younger ones in attendance, they will definitely be tempted to join the older ones to play. In this case, an adult must be on site to supervise them. 

It is fun watching kids bounce around - I like watching them!
One daunting task, though, is trying to stop them once they have started playing. In almost all such parties I have attended, kids literally refused to go home with their parents. Many of them ended up crying and being dragged home. 

As the kids grow older, they (especially as young adults) might be worried that they will gradually start missing the fun because of age restriction. 

Good news! There are also bouncy castles for adults!!
Have you, as an adult, tried it?

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