Thursday 11 September 2014

Challenges in relationships: to what extent are you willing to compromise?

The beginning of every relationship is always fantastic with both parties exploring to find out more about each other. Some relationships break up sooner or later while others wax stronger and stronger. 

There are so many challenges in every relationship. To me, the greatest of all is compromising one's dreams and aspirations in other to make a relationship work. For relationships that have transformed into marriages, lack of compromise usually leads to separations and divorces. 

Everyone has a dream. In spite of love, what happens if you find out that you have to sacrifice your dream in your relationship? 

It calls for love, trust, understanding and compromise to evaluate and accept any new turn of events. 

I heard the story of this woman who, in my opinion, is a classic example.
She started dancing at a very young age (at the age of 2, I think). She was a great young dancer who aspired to continue with that career. She fell in love, got married and started having kids at a young age. In as much as we can say that it was her personal decision and choice, one can also argue that she could have insisted on either not having kids at all or having them at a later age. 
Anyway, she stopped her dancing career to look after the kids and family. When her husband died (may his soul rest in peace), she decided to go back to dancing since her kids are all grown up. Watching her dance at her current age (in her 80's) is amazing. This proves that she is a natural talent. You can never imagine that she can perform her choreography and moves. 

Because of her understanding and love for her husband and family, she sacrificed her dream when she was still young and more energetic. As destiny and nature has it, she is still able to continue and realise this precious dream of hers. 

What other compromise can you think of?

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