Wednesday 3 December 2014

Anxious to see your weight drop while on diet?

While on diet, some people get into the habit of checking their weight every day to see if their diet plans are effective. Sometimes, this can be frustrating!

First of all, check what you are eating. Are you strictly keeping to the eating instructions or are you giving yourself more junk treats than required?

Once the rules are being followed, then we can talk about the different types of scales and how they function. I recommend that you ensure that your scale functions properly. If you have more than 1 scale at home, make sure to use just one of them at all times.

From my experience, different scales tend to show slightly different figures when used at any particular point in time. I am not sure what the reason might be but I noticed it myself.
I have 2 scales at home; I usually use one of them. One morning as I was tidying up the bedroom, I came across the other one and decided to see if there had been any change from the last time I weighed myself. To my greatest surprise, my weight was 5-4 kg higher.
You cannot imagine how shocked I was! I did not believe the number so I went downstairs to check myself on that one I usually use. To my relief, the figure was still the same as the last time I checked the previous day.

Once I noticed this difference, I simply decided to stick with my usual one and save myself unnecessary shock and worries :-) 

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