Wednesday 10 December 2014

Feeling happy and refreshed all day long?

Questions to you lovely lady out there:
  • Do you always have the kit with you? 
  • How many times do you check daily to confirm that you look refreshed with no oily face (if you have an oily face)? 

At the start of the day, everyone feels energetic and refreshed. After some hours, we gradually start feeling worn out and hungry (especially by lunch time). This tiredness shows instantly on the face as it is the most affected part of the body. That is when it starts getting dull and oily. 

I usually ask ladies, to what extent do you freshen up (check and update your facial outlook) during the day?
Some people may have a complete makeover (facial cleansing and makeup) once or twice daily. Others may have some top-ups every now and again. The number of times one freshen up during the day depends entirely on the person involved. 

For me, I do some checks, at least, twice a day. I think that the most crucial times to check are before lunch time and at the end of the working day before going home. 

My reasons:
  • Since we sit glued to our desks / work in the morning time, it makes sense to check oneself at lunch time before going out to meet and chat with others. 
  • Before going home, check yourself to avoid looking like something the cat dragged in on your way home. Some ladies have their boyfriends or husbands come to pick them up. Nobody wants to embarrass her partner by being in a messed-up state. Even if your partner is at home, you want to look good when you meet him. For all single ladies, you never know who will meet you on your way.

Therefore, look your best and very attractive at all times!

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